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Simply Sweet: You Stamp Set

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Simply Sweet: You

YOU is just that, a simply sweet set that will give you hours of creative time. The mountain scape, and all of the extra bits and pieces included, make it perfect for creating masculine cards, but also lends itself perfectly for creating cards for the special women in your life. It also features a variety of positive sentiments that are sure to uplift and encourage someone dear to you!

Contents packaged in Hold-n-Fold Storage case.
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This set comes on one 4x6 acetate sheets. The outline mountain scape measures approximately 2 ½” x ¾”. The heart arrow measures approximately 1” x ¼”. The sunburst measures approximately ½” x ½”. The line with the heart measures approximately 2 1/5” x 1/5”. The sentiment ‘Let’s go on an adventure together’ measures approximately 2 ¼” x ½”. The sentiment ‘I’d climb the highest mountain for’ measures approximately 1 ½” x ½”. The sentiment ‘are so brave’ measures approximately 1 ¼” x ¼”. The uppercase YOU measures approximately 3/5” x 1/5”.