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She Blooms Stamp Set

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She Blooms Stamp Set

She Blooms is a stamp set that captures the spirit of beauty and strength. This set is perfect for creating uplifting cards to send to all the amazing women in your life who inspire you each day. Let them know that the world always needs their light and that they can do anything by just believing in themselves. The modern, hand-drawn style of this set is truly beautiful and timeless, and these images will grace any project they adorn...
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This set comes on two 4”x 6“ acetate sheets. The assembled girl in dress is just over 3 1/8” and just under 4 7/8” tall. The “Keep Shining Beautiful One. The World Needs Your Light” sentiment is just over 2 1/8” and just under 3/4” tall. The “She Believed She Could, So She Did” sentiment is just over 7/8” wide and tall. The “One Day You Will Look Back And See That All Along You Were Blooming” sentiment is 1” wide and just over 1 1/8” tall. The assembled small flower is just over 3/8” wide and just under 3/8” tall. The assembled large flower is just over 5/8” wide and just under 1/2” tall.