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Prosperous Perennials Stamp Set

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Prosperous Perennials Stamp Set

We all love our floral perennials that keep coming back year after year to brighten our spring garden. The same goes for the florals in this set. You will find yourself coming back to them time and time again. With the generously sized florals and coordinating Prosperous Leaves Background stamp set (sold separately), you can easily create a beautiful card, that is in full bloom!
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This set comes on a single 4”x 6“ acetate sheets. The large eight leaf stem is just over 2 7/8” wide and just under 3 1/8” tall. The six leaf stem is just over 2 1/8” wide and just over 1 7/8” tall. The five leaf stem is just over 1 3/4” wide and just under 1 3/4” tall. The single leaf is just over 3/4” wide and tall. The assembled open flower is just over 7/8” wide and just over 3/4” tall. The small assembled round flower is 1/2” wide and just over 1/2” tall. The assembled semi-open flower is just under 1 1/4” wide and just over 1” tall. The “Birthday Wishes For You” sentiment is just under 1 7/8” wide and 1/2” tall.