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Joyous Holiday Stamp Set

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Joyous Holiday Stamp Set

This adorable set is perfect for your holiday cards! Layer the branches and leaves to make a beautiful wreath. The decorative leaves layer perfectly together to make a stunning background. The whimsical birds match this set perfectly and give a every project that special touch!

This set comes on a single 4”x 6“ acetate sheet. The Big Bird stamp is approx: 1 3/4” x 1 7/32”. The Small Bird stamp is approx: 1 7/32” x 3/32”. The Merry Christmas stamp is approx: 1 5/16” x 13/32”. The Peace and Love stamp are approx: 23/32” x 1/2”. The Circular Branch is approx: 2 13/16” x 2”. The Holidays stamp is approx: 1 5/13” x 5/16”. The Bigger Branches are approx: 13/16” x 5/16”. The Bigger Star is approx: 7/32” x 5/16”. The Smaller star is approx: 1/8” x 1/8”.